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Creating a corporation could lessen your tax and liability obligations if you own a business.

Limited Liability
Company (LLC)

For a number of reasons, a limited liability corporation (LLC) is a great corporate form for small businesses. This kind of business is simple to start and maintain, and it doesn't demand a big financial investment.

Limited liability corporations (LLCs) often provide their owners with limited liability protection. A company that does not yet exist is not subject to any responsibilities.

To LLCs, federal income tax does not apply. Due to the possibility of "pass-through" taxation for LLCs, the company's income taxes are not shown on the financial statements of the LLC, but rather on the tax returns of each owner.


A business may opt to be recognized for federal tax purposes as a pass-through organization by filing a S corporation election with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The S company form may be quite helpful when changing ownership or closing a firm.

The assets of investors are safeguarded by a S company. A shareholder is not accountable for the debts and obligations individually. As a consequence, transfer taxes are not applied to shares in a S company.

By establishing a S corporation, you may give your business the legitimacy that a sole proprietorship or limited liability company would lack.


The C corporation is the legal form of organization that new company owners choose the most often. Due to the substantial benefits, it offers, A-C company is preferred by the majority of business owners. C companies provide their owners the greatest protection from personal responsibility of all of these benefits.

A C Corp is permitted to have an unlimited number of shareholders. Stock sales are also unregulated.

There is no need to be concerned about how the transfer of an owner's shares or their passing might impact the business' operations. C companies are a suitable choice for those who want to go public or generate capital via stock offerings.


SIt takes careful preparation, significant financial resources, and a group of committed volunteers to launch a nonprofit organization. The goal of nonprofit organizations is to offer resources and services to the community.

Building a nonprofit organization around a cause close to your heart can enable you to have a greater impact on the world. Nonprofit organizations have access to a variety of grant programs designed to help companies raise money.


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